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  • What is EID ear tags?
What is EID ear tags?

What is an EID Ear Tag?
Commonly referred to as Electronic ID, EID or RFID (radio frequency identification), the unique design of this ear tag incorporates an air coil antenna system enclosed within a modified small female tag. This durable construction helps the transponder withstand tough environmental conditions.

How RFID Works
EID ear tags for livestock are considered passive tags because they have no battery or power source of their own. The tags are activated when they pass within the transmission field of a reader. The tag then absorbs power from the reader and returns its unique 15 digit number back to the reader. There are two types of RFID ear tags. HDX (half Duplex) and FDX (full Duplex) ear tags. FDX (Full Duplex) ear tags cause the return signal from the transponder to be initiated as soon as the interrogation signal is received from a reader and the smoothing capacitor has been charged. HDX (Half Duplex) ear tags the return signal begins after the end of the interrogation signal has been received and the storage capacitor has been fully charged. The message is sent once because the storage capacitor has discharged its energy content after the code is sent. HDX tags have a slightly longer read range and are more expensive.
Many of these tags are available in a Tamperproof design and can also be paired with visual ID tags with the matching 15-digit EID number printed on the visual tag as well.

EID ear tags come in two strengths of technology HDX & FDX
Both HDX (half-duplex) and FDX (full-duplex) tags meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established RFID standards for livestock identification and utilizes the strengths of the low frequency 134.2 kHz band. This frequency can be read through most materials in wet and dirty conditions and provides a well-defined read zone for animals passing next to the reader.

HDX technology offers the greatest possible read distance but has a higher initial cost.
Read Distance up to100cm (39.37") Antenna & reading system dependent.

FDX technology offers a somewhat reduced performance at a lower initial cost.
Read Distance up to 75cm (29.53") Antenna & reading system dependent.


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