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  • What is visual ear tags?
What is visual ear tags?

An animal without ear tag can’t be slaughtered, can’t move from its city, and its breeder can’t take any support from government. Animal identification provides farmers and breeders to register the animal information to the passports such as born, death, movements.

A visual ear tag usually carries an animal identification number. This ID number defines the country code, city code, type of animal, and serial number. Ear tag inscription sometimes includes a barcode which includes animal identification number to be machine readable.

Besides the method changes according to the country, generally national organizations assign the numbers to the ear tag manufacturers. Farms also choose one more way to make a group in a herd or flock by using different colors and numerating system.

An ear tag should be applied by an applicator (plier) from the correct point which is between the muscles of an ear. An animal may be tagged on one ear or both which depends on the ministry of that country.

Ear tags models are produced and grouped according to the animal types. >Cattle should use big size ear tags and male part of the ear tag should have metal pin. Sheep, goat, and pig ear tags are small and can have male part with metal or plastic pin. There are lots of models which can be applied according to the customer request.


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